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Ottawa – Mark Taylor today committed to aggressively exploring partnerships with the business   community, the public sector and community organizations in order to increase the value of every dollar spent serving residents.

While managing the day-to-day there is a growing gap between the services our community needs and the ability of tax payers to pay.

“I commit to working towards an affordable Ottawa,” Taylor said.  During the past term, Council supported Taylor in his efforts to extend the City’s purchasing power to agencies it funds.  “By helping agencies reduce their costs we our helping them to improve service to residents without the need of additional tax dollars,” Taylor added.

Taylor supports:

  • The continuation of responsible tax rates by focusing on our core services
  • Continuing a line-by-line review of the City Budget to find every efficiency and value for our dollar
  • Continuing to support affordable recreation fees
  • Residents spending less time and money accessing City Services by moving more of them on-line  
  • Increasing the number of City Staff working in mobile offices to reduce cost, congestion and carbon footprint
  • Seeking new ways to deliver current and future city services at less cost through innovative partnerships


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