Our Plan

Our Plan

Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out our plan to finish what we started in Bay Ward. Please check back often as we update this page.

An Affordable Ottawa

 Public Private • Community

Ottawa – Mark Taylor today committed to aggressively exploring partnerships with the business   community, the public sector and community organizations in order to increase the value of every dollar spent serving residents.

While managing the day-to-day there is a growing gap between the services our community needs and the ability of tax payers to pay.

“I commit to working towards an affordable Ottawa,” Taylor said.  During the past term, Council supported Taylor in his efforts to extend the City’s purchasing power to agencies it funds.  “By helping agencies reduce their costs we our helping them to improve service to residents without the need of additional tax dollars,” Taylor added.

Taylor supports:

  • The continuation of responsible tax rates by focusing on our core services
  • Continuing a line-by-line review of the City Budget to find every efficiency and value for our dollar
  • Continuing to support affordable recreation fees
  • Residents spending less time and money accessing City Services by moving more of them on-line  
  • Increasing the number of City Staff working in mobile offices to reduce cost, congestion and carbon footprint
  • Seeking new ways to deliver current and future city services at less cost through innovative partnerships


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Ready for Tomorrow - Paramedics, By-Law and Fire Services

Ready For Tomorrow

Paramedics and Community Care By-Law Services and Safe Streets Ottawa Fire and a Centre of Excellence

Ottawa – Mark Taylor today pledged to continue working for and with our front line services to enhance and strengthen the way in which these men and women serve our residents daily. With investments and innovations in our Paramedic, By-Law and Fire Services we can build on our already strong ability to support our community. 

Paramedics and Community Care

As our community ages, we must ensure our most vulnerable residents have access to the care they need. Taylor will continue working with the Provincial Government and our Paramedic Service to expand the use of scheduled visits to high frequency patients as a way of avoiding crisis calls. The delivery of para-medicine in non-emergency situations will become a critical way in which pressure and costs can be taken off of our health care system. 

Taylor is also committed to working with Provincial partners on updating our dispatch technology to the world standard AMPDS system so that as we grow as a community, we can further enhance our ability to serve our residents. “By 2031, with more older adults in Ottawa than children under 15, the importance of an innovative paramedic service that alleviates costs on the healthcare system by preventing and managing patient pressure will be critical,” said Taylor.

By-Law Services and Safe Streets

Working with our By-Law and Regulatory Services team, local taxi drivers, brokers, unions and the Provincial Government, Taylor is committed to new legislation that empowers our officers to address the problem of Bandit Taxis on our streets.  More work needs to be done to remove these unlicensed and unregulated operators from our city. Taylor pledged, “I will work with our partners and our Provincial government until we have regulations and legislation that allow us to properly prevent and prosecute these offenders.”

Ottawa Fire Service and a Centre of Excellence

Our growing and changing National Capital requires a Fire Service that is trained and equipped to respond to the challenges of tomorrow. “I will support our service as it positions itself to continue to protect our city,” Taylor said. Beyond enhancing fire prevention, education and suppression services, Ottawa has an opportunity to become a learning centre of excellence as a result of our unique partnerships with the National Research Council and other Federal partners. Taylor is committed to pursuing the goal of becoming that centre.

Taylor supports: 

  • Evolving the role of our Paramedic Service – Modernizing the delivery of service to our residents
  • Eliminating Bandit Taxis – Working to keep travelers safe
  • Strengthening our Professional and Volunteer Fire Service – Support Fire Fighters in their effort to keep us safe


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Caring Capital City

A Caring Capital City
Older Adults • Child Care • Homelessness 

Ottawa – Mark Taylor today pledged to confront three of the greatest challenges that will face our community over the coming decade: ensuring Older Adults remain an independent and active part of Ottawa, ensuring quality early childhood care and education to our children, and aggressively tackling homelessness in Ottawa, ending it in 10 years.

Growing an age-friendly city

Older Adults are the fastest growing segment of Ottawa and we must ensure our city grows with them. By building an age-friendly community we can be just as committed to them as they have been to us. 

“As the Chair of our Seniors Roundtable, I and all of those working to make the City of Ottawa an age-friendly community were recognized and welcomed into the World Health Organization’s Global Network of Age Friendly Cities. Ottawa is a world class example of an Age Friendly City and I am committed to continuing this work,” said Taylor.

The Roundtable, an ongoing forum resulting from the Seniors Summit that consulted with residents across Ottawa has moved to ensure all decisions being made within the City are viewed through an age friendly lens. Everything from infrastructure and transit to recreation and culture opportunities are evaluated with older adults in mind. 

“Mark represents an area of the city which has the greatest number of seniors and he has worked hard in our neighbourhood and across Ottawa to engage and support them,” said Susan Au, longtime volunteer with older adults.

Modernizing our child care system to respond to the needs of parents and families

In the absence of a National Child Care Strategy, Taylor is committed to working with our excellent child care providers to ensure the broadest range of quality care is available to our children.  Through consultation with members of the child care community and parents we are working together to expand the choices for families to access licensed childcare wherever it makes sense for them.  

Some of the steps we have taken together will:

  • Allow parents who need a subsidy to choose where to enroll their child;
  • Streamline how parents access information and support; and
  • Strengthen our partnerships with our communities’ excellent non-profit, not-for-profit and private child care providers. 

 “As a parent of children who have received childcare in Ottawa, I recognize the very real challenges that families face. Child care cannot be a one size fits all solution, parents and children need variety and choice,” Taylor added. 

Ending homelessness 

We must continue and grow the meaningful investments we have made in affordable housing and support services.  

“We cannot afford homelessness,” said Taylor. 

“During the past 4 years with input from experts and service providers, we have charted a course to ending homelessness in Ottawa in 10 years.  I am committed to continuing this work because socially and financially the cost of homelessness in our city is too high,” Taylor added.

Together we have:

  • Aggressively funded housing loss prevention programs;
  • Significantly added purpose built affordable housing options for small and large families including those with accessibility needs;
  • Partnered with the private sector to implement new tools such as rental subsidies that support people without bearing the cost of infrastructure;
  • Sharply reduced hotel usage for emergency sheltering and increased transitionary housing for individuals and families leaving abusive situations; and
  • Reintroduced and increased development charges collected to build affordable housing.

Taylor today pledged that in addition to delivering support more efficiently he would work to strengthen investments and make ending homelessness in Ottawa a priority.

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Renewal: Parks & Green Space

Renewing Our Parks & Green Space
Community Recreation

Ottawa – Mark Taylor today pledged to continue renewing the parks and green space in Bay Ward. Four years ago much of what we counted on across our city and in Bay Ward was not in good shape. Progress was stagnant and renewal had stalled. Since 2010, we have worked to repair these much needed assets.

Mark has done a lot of great things for the ward, including redevelopment of parks such as Michele Park, establishing a brand new park and is in the process of redeveloping the [Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre], said David Hill, Queensway Terrace North resident.

After a decade of neglect we are renewing parks and green space across our community.

I am really looking forward to the renewal project at Britannia Beach that will benefit the local residents as well as guests to the park,” added Majd El-Samrout, Baja Burger Shack operator.

From neighbourhood projects and complete park renewal to city wide projects, Councillor Taylor has worked hard with residents and partners to make changes that matter to our community, including:

  • Splash pad in George C. Brown Park
  • Renewal of Michele Park
  • Renewal of Bayshore Park including an Ottawa Senators Rink of Dreams
  • Inspiration Park – the first new park in Bay Ward in 25 years
  • Renewal underway in Britannia Park
  • Minor expansion at Maki Park
  • Supported residents in creation of new outdoor rink in Britannia Village
  • Renewal of Woodroffe Walk
  • Upgrades to Kingsmere Park and Lincoln Heights Park


Taylor added, “I am proud to be a part of the Council that has finally brought opening day to a renewed Lansdowne Park and moved ahead on many other city wide parks and recreation facilities.

To learn more:
Email: Info@GoTaylor.ca
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Renewal: Arts, Culture & Heritage

Renewing Arts, Culture and Heritage

Preserve • Present • Promote   

Ottawa – Mark Taylor today pledged to continue renewing the fabric of our community’s arts, culture and heritage in Ottawa.  As a community, we have set ourselves on a path to dedicated, sustainable and incremental growth. 

Worldwide, cities are recognizing how cultural activity contributes to life in their communities, whether to the local economy or social vitality.  Adopted in 2013, “A Renewed Action Plan For Arts, Heritage and Culture in Ottawa” builds on our past accomplishments and seeks to address outstanding goals in enhancing Ottawa’s confident competitive edge on the world stage. 

I pledge to continue to support Ottawa’s resident artists, its cultural, natural and documentary heritage, and exceptional home-grown festivals and fairs,” said Taylor.  “Arts, culture and heritage are economic drivers and assets in our community,” Taylor added.

Ottawa-Gatineau’s cultural industry represents approximately $1.98 billion per year.

As the National Capital, Ottawa has a responsibility to preserve, present and promote Canadian culture to our residents and visitors, here and abroad.

Multiple festivals, fairs, shows, events, expositions, theatre productions, concerts and happenings challenge the long held belief that Ottawa is a boring city.  The benefit of our local arts, culture and heritage can be experienced daily, on our streets, in our presentation spaces and museums, supported by public and private jobs and volunteers.

In a piece titled Municipal Election 2014 in the Spring 2014 edition of the CAO Circular, Executive Director of the Council for the Arts in Ottawa, Peter Honeywell, praised Taylor's commitment to arts, culture and heritage in Ottawa saying, "Over the past term of Council he has been a strong supporter of the Renewed Action Plan for Arts, Heritage and Culture and has championed the scheduled culture budget increases." Honeywell added, "[Taylor] is an impressive Chair who runs his meetings efficiently and respectfully. He will be tough to beat."

Though much progress has been made, there is still much more to do.  If re-elected, Taylor plans to seek ways to increase public and private investment per capita for arts, culture and heritage in Ottawa, making us competitive with other major cities.   

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Renewal: Transportation, Infrastructure & the Ottawa River


Transportation   Ÿ    Core Infrastructure   Ÿ   Ottawa River  

Ottawa – Mark Taylor today pledged to continue renewing infrastructure in Ottawa and Bay Ward as part of a commitment to 5 key areas in which he has worked, and will continue to work for our community.

For years Ottawa underinvested in renewing its infrastructure and much-needed work was deferred.  Since 2010, we have worked to repair these critical assets. 

Taylor pledged to renew and restore Ottawa’s commitment to the things we all count on, focussing on core infrastructure and going back to basics.

 “I am proud that during this term of council we have repaired, replaced and invested in, century old infrastructure,” said Taylor. 

It was important that Bay Ward got its share of Ottawa On The Move projects.  Making our roads, cycling paths and pedestrian crossings smoother, safer and friendlier was – and is - crucial to having a healthy community and economy.

“Whether walking children to school, pedaling to work or driving to the mall, safely travelling in our community is a concern shared by everyone,” said Taylor. “Since 2010 we have lowered many residential street speed limits, created safe pedestrian and bike crossings throughout Bay Ward and implemented traffic calming measures.”

Preserving and protecting the Ottawa River is a critical environmental obligation to our community today and our children tomorrow.  The Ottawa River Action Plan (ORAP), a collection of seventeen infrastructure projects will enhance the health of the Ottawa River and protect Ottawa’s water environment by reducing both combined sewage overflows and storm water entering the Ottawa River. Taylor is committed to seeing these projects completed.

Though much progress has been made, there is still much more to do.  If re-elected, Taylor plans to seek ways to accelerate the progress on repairing our critical infrastructure.  

To see important Bay Ward projects we have been working on, view this map: www.gotaylor.ca/accomplishments.  


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Personal Accountability

Keeping Commitments To Bay Ward Voters

Ottawa – City Councillor for Bay Ward and candidate for re-election Mark Taylor today released the first in a series of 5 key areas in which he has worked, and seeks to continue working, for our community. 

Accountability Commitments from 2010 kept:

In May of 2011, Bay Ward’s first ever Community Office was opened at the Foster Farm Community Centre. “I committed to ensuring our office was accessible to residents at times that made sense for working families,” said Taylor of why the office offers weeknight and weekend appointments as well as daytime walk-in service Tuesday to Friday.

During the 2010 election Taylor made a personal commitment to decline the annual car allowance given to Councillors. “This is a personal choice, it was my family’s way of trying to do what we could personally to help contribute to keeping costs down.” said Taylor. If re-elected, by the end of 2018 Taylor will have declined over $60,000.00 in car and transit pass allowances. 

One more commitment to keep with the help of residents:

Taylor committed in 2010 that he would serve only two terms as a City Councillor. “I believe that renewing our community is best done with the urgency of a deadline and that is why I am asking residents to help me keep this pledge to finish what we started.” If re-elected in 2014 Taylor is committed to working with residents, the business community and private sector, partners and other levels of government to continue and complete the many projects underway that had stalled or failed to start prior to 2010.


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