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Ready For Tomorrow

Paramedics and Community Care • By-Law Services and Safe Streets  Ottawa Fire and a Centre of Excellence

Ottawa – Mark Taylor today pledged to continue working for and with our front line services to enhance and strengthen the way in which these men and women serve our residents daily. With investments and innovations in our Paramedic, By-Law and Fire Services we can build on our already strong ability to support our community.

Paramedics and Community Care

As our community ages, we must ensure our most vulnerable residents have access to the care they need. Taylor will continue working with the Provincial Government and our Paramedic Service to expand the use of scheduled visits to high frequency patients as a way of avoiding crisis calls. The delivery of para-medicine in non-emergency situations will become a critical way in which pressure and costs can be taken off of our health care system. 


Taylor is also committed to working with Provincial partners on updating our dispatch technology to the world standard AMPDS system so that as we grow as a community, we can further enhance our ability to serve our residents. “By 2031, with more older adults in Ottawa than children under 15, the importance of an innovative paramedic service that alleviates costs on the healthcare system by preventing and managing patient pressure will be critical,” said Taylor.


By-Law Services and Safe Streets

Working with our By-Law and Regulatory Services team, local taxi drivers, brokers, unions and the Provincial Government, Taylor is committed to new legislation that empowers our officers to address the problem of Bandit Taxis on our streets.  More work needs to be done to remove these unlicensed and unregulated operators from our city. Taylor pledged, “I will work with our partners and our Provincial government until we have regulations and legislation that allow us to properly prevent and prosecute these offenders.”


Ottawa Fire Service and a Centre of Excellence

Our growing and changing National Capital requires a Fire Service that is trained and equipped to respond to the challenges of tomorrow. “I will support our service as it positions itself to continue to protect our city,” Taylor said. Beyond enhancing fire prevention, education and suppression services, Ottawa has an opportunity to become a learning centre of excellence as a result of our unique partnerships with the National Research Council and other Federal partners. Taylor is committed to pursuing the goal of becoming that centre.


Taylor supports:


  • Evolving the role of our Paramedic Service – Modernizing the delivery of service to our residents
  • Eliminating Bandit Taxis – Working to keep travelers safe
  • Strengthening our Professional and Volunteer Fire Service – Support Fire Fighters in their effort to keep us safe



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