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Ottawa – Mark Taylor today pledged to continue renewing infrastructure in Ottawa and Bay Ward as part of a commitment to 5 key areas in which he has worked, and will continue to work for our community.


For years Ottawa underinvested in renewing its infrastructure and much-needed work was deferred.  Since 2010, we have worked to repair these critical assets. 

Taylor pledged to renew and restore Ottawa’s commitment to the things we all count on, focussing on core infrastructure and going back to basics.

 “I am proud that during this term of council we have repaired, replaced and invested in, century old infrastructure,” said Taylor. 

It was important that Bay Ward got its share of Ottawa On The Move projects.  Making our roads, cycling paths and pedestrian crossings smoother, safer and friendlier was – and is - crucial to having a healthy community and economy.

“Whether walking children to school, pedaling to work or driving to the mall, safely travelling in our community is a concern shared by everyone,” said Taylor. “Since 2010 we have lowered many residential street speed limits, created safe pedestrian and bike crossings throughout Bay Ward and implemented traffic calming measures.”

Preserving and protecting the Ottawa River is a critical environmental obligation to our community today and our children tomorrow.  The Ottawa River Action Plan (ORAP), a collection of seventeen infrastructure projects will enhance the health of the Ottawa River and protect Ottawa’s water environment by reducing both combined sewage overflows and storm water entering the Ottawa River. Taylor is committed to seeing these projects completed.

Though much progress has been made, there is still much more to do.  If re-elected, Taylor plans to seek ways to accelerate the progress on repairing our critical infrastructure.  

To see important Bay Ward projects we have been working on, view this map:  

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