Thank You



“Good evening,

Thank you all for joining us this evening and thank you for all of your support you have offered over the past ten months!

This campaign started in the winter of January and it's ending in the autumn of October and each month in between has been a tremendous journey.

First and foremost tonight I want to thank my wife Christine. Without her help and support, her encouragement and wisdom, not just this past year but this past term could not have been possible. I am blessed to have such a wonderful partner, friend and wife. I Love You.

My daughters Emily and Sasha - thank you so much for your support. This has always been a family effort and you have been every bit as committed to the community. 

Before I go further I extend my congratulations to all of the other candidates in our race here in Bay Ward. Thank you for participating in our democracy, putting your name on the ballot and your ideas forward.

We have heard a lot about leadership during this campaign. Leaders are only as good as their team and I am proud to say I have been blessed to have surrounded myself with an outstanding and committed group of people. I am pleased they could join me up here tonight:

 Patrick Haggart, Jodi Jennings, Ivy Follett and Steve Karanikollas. While he isn't able to be here tonight Jake Schwenger has also been a great asset to our community. I also want to thank some of our former team members, still friends who although they have moved on, helped a great number of residents over the years, Chantal Borst and Dan Bird.

To our volunteers, our donors and supporters - thank you. We could not have done this without you.

Beyond our team we have outstanding partners throughout Bay Ward and Ottawa. Friends and partners in neighbourhoods, agencies and associations that have brought energy, passion and ideas to the table and with whom I've been honoured to work.

Community building is a team effort, and so is city building. Tonight I want to extend my thanks to my first term council colleagues including Mayor Watson. We worked together on many issues local and city wide and I am confident that the team elected tonight will do just the same and even more for Ottawa residents over the next four years.

To our representatives of the other levels of government here in Bay Ward, Liberal MPP and Minister Bob Chiarelli and Federal conservative MP and Minister John Baird, I have valued working with you both for the benefit of our residents and I look forward to continuing to do so in years to come.

I am looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and continuing the work that we started.

During the campaign we talked about our plan for our community and city with residents here in Bay Ward:

- Keeping Ottawa affordable

- Building a caring capital city

- Renewing the things we all count on, transportation, parks, infrastructure and the environment and;

- Being ready for tomorrow, ensuring we support our first responders as they do us.

Together we have come a long way. We have worked hard together and we have worked well together and I thank you tonight for agreeing to continue working to Finish What We Started.

Thank you.”

- 30 -


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