Mark Taylor believes everyone matters and community is stronger when we build it together.

Mark served as an Ottawa City Councillor and Deputy Mayor. He continues his service on boards, committees and projects of interest.

Homelessness Report - Everyone Together - Ottawa, A Caring and Compassionate City

In late 2017 and early 2018 I met, collaborated with, and interviewed key stakeholders in the affordable housing and homelessness sector to find ways to accelerate the City of Ottawa’s progress on its 10-year housing and homelessness efforts.

Since the report was released there has been a surge in discussion and debate around homelessness, affordable housing and how best we support our community.

I have re-posted from my former City of Ottawa website the report and its appendices here...


This report, Everyone Together – Ottawa, A Caring and Compassionate City is dedicated to all of the people in the Ottawa Community who are living in poverty or homelessness. I would like to thank all of the partners who collaborated with me on this report. Most importantly, I would like to thank individuals who shared their lived experiences of homelessness with me.

This report and its recommendations are the culmination of many formal and informal conversations, research, feedback from the housing sector, and leading practices from other cities.

The City’s own plan was reviewed and meetings with City staff from a variety of departments were also held.

My hope for our community is that together we work to address inadequate affordability in housing, homelessness and all of its financial, mental health, physical health, addictions and other causes.

Please read Everyone Together – Ottawa, A Caring and Compassionate City – here

Veuillez trouver la version française de mon rapport: Tous ensemble - Ottawa, ville de coeur et de compassion 

Appendices are available here:

Appendix I , II , III , IV , V , VI , VII 

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