Mark Taylor believes everyone matters and community is stronger when we build it together.

Mark served as an Ottawa City Councillor and Deputy Mayor. He continues his service on boards, committees and projects of interest.

Its not just what you have, it’s how you use it...

In the weeks before Christmas, Ottawa Citizen columnist Randall Denley contacted me to share that he was working on a series looking at the costs and consequences of housing policies across Ottawa. We spoke for over an hour on the housing continuum, the need for sharper policies and more strategic investment. 

Read on to read his series as well as the report I prepared in 2018. 

I shared with Randall importance of investing in youth homelessness, the homelessness challenges of those needing supportive housing and our indigenous community. We also talked about how smaller housing providers are often at a disadvantage and how the system itself sometimes discourages people moving into housing.

Finally, I left him with my belief that in addition to a better response to homelessness we must strengthen our community commitment to homelessness prevention. 

Here is his series:

A roof over our heads, it’s getting harder and harder to afford decent housing 

How governments drive up the price of a new home 

Local development fees are steep and climbing 

Ottawa’s approach to social housing isn’t solving the problem 

Finally, here is the link to the page on this website that hosts the report Denley references in the fourth piece:

Everyone Together - Ottawa, A Caring and Compassionate City

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