Mark Taylor believes everyone matters and community is stronger when we build it together.

Mark served as an Ottawa City Councillor and Deputy Mayor. He continues his service on boards, committees and projects of interest.

Ten Years On...

Monday January 6th 2020.
Two days ago.

Marked 10 years to the day we launched my first campaign for office.

Since then: Two elections, two terms in office as a City Councillor, a Deputy Mayor, representing Ottawa in so many ways in so many places. Representing and leading a collection of great neighborhoods from the Bay Ward community, working on issues large and small, easy and hard, heartwarming and heartbreaking. Keeping a commitment to continue serving our community outside elected office, joining United Way East Ontario.


It’s been an amazing journey so far, and miles more to go.

I am so grateful and thankful to so many...

Through it all I’ve been so blessed in having my wife, best friend, compass and partner Christine with me. Our daughters Sasha and Emily, who have worked more community booths than anyone should in a lifetime!

So many colleagues who worked with me in our campaigns and our office made the good work we did possible. So many community volunteers, hidden heroes in every neighbourhood, did so much to enable positive changes across Bay Ward and Ottawa. The residents I served, always willing to offer their opinions and input on what needed doing and how the community should evolve.

The other elected officials I met, from every part of our city, all levels of government, different parties and those all across Ontario. Some even from around the world. Each one trying in their own way to make the world a better place. To use government, politics and the power to move people to make possible the progress we often take for granted in the rush of daily life.

The professional, dedicated and thoughtful staff at the City of Ottawa and all it’s arms length bodies, Ottawa Community Housing, Public Health and others. What a tremendous work force of dedicated people.

Finally all those I met across the decade who work in agencies, organizations, charities, volunteer groups and others that help people in our community be successful every day. Without them the community would grind to a halt. Silently often, occasionally recognized, so many out there making people’s lives better.

It’s been a wonderful ten years. A decade to remember.
With a fresh decade ahead, old and new challenges to face, partners past and new friends I am looking forward to what a 2030 message will talk about.

I’m looking forward to it. I hope to get to work with you to keep us moving forward, changing lives, building lives and bridges.

Best wishes for the ten years to come.


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