Mark Taylor believes everyone matters and community is stronger when we build it together.

Mark served as an Ottawa City Councillor and Deputy Mayor. He continues his service on boards, committees and projects of interest.

Hello and reach out anytime...

Welcome to my website - please read on and reach out anytime...

During the past eight years the experiences and opportunities I have had as an Ottawa City Councillor and Deputy Mayor have been some of the best of my life.

Getting to serve our community and meet many others who do just the same in many ways was an honour I will cherish forever.

I could not have done the work without the support of my partner and wife Christine as well as our two daughters Emily and Sasha. 

Now as I continue to work towards strengthening community and helping others in new ways I hope we can stay connected. 

Please visit my website from time to time but also make sure to sign up above to receive occasional updates by e-mail on issues I think you should know about.

Thank you for visiting the site and thank you even more for wanting to keep Ottawa a caring, compassionate and prosperous city.

- Mark

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